At Joanna Kelly Garden Design LLC, we approach each project in a collaborative manner as we realize each client is unique. Our goal is to design a high quality landscape that is unique and creative, yet functional and low maintenance. In actualizing your vision, we create gardens in every size, type and budget. Our extensive knowledge of plant material includes deer resistant and drought tolerant plantings, assuring you of a beautiful garden for years to come.


Remember, new landscaping with quality materials and workmanship, is one home improvement project that gives you a 100% return on the value of your home. 
Types of landscaping projects include:

​•landscaping around the home
•privacy screening
​•landscaping around the pool
•deer resistant landscaping
•grasseries, stonescapes,cutting gardens
•theme gardens, Japanese gardens, English country gardens, native gardens, herb gardens
•landscaping improvements for a home sale
•annuals, bulbs and containers


The initial consultation is free. We then take a digital picture of your site and create a computerized rendering of the design showing you how your garden will look. We create a CAD designed plan drawn to scale including photographs of the plant material.

                        Follow the steps from consultation to the finished garden.

1. An initial consultation is scheduled to discuss
 creating a garden. We consider all aspects of the
 garden including exposure, drainage,
 and elevation. 

2. The design process starts and a computerized
 rendering is created to show what the garden
 would look like.

 3. A CAD designed plan is drawn for the site,
     which gives the client a map of the finished 

4. Installation starts quickly with the hardscape
    first. The plantings are then installed with a
    starter fertilizer to insure they root and 
    establish themselves quickly. All plant material
    is  guaranteed for one year.

5. Voila! The finished garden. 

Experience has taught me that partnerships with local businesses are important, providing materials that are easy to obtain and in turn, keep costs low for YOU. Offering creative and innovative design at reasonable prices has been the basis of our success through the years.

I look forward to meeting you in the garden,

"see what our clients say about their landscaping"
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